CBGB Nostalgia Vol. 1 | Angry Samoans

Posted in Shorts by unartignyc on 2009/07/30

On September 08, 2006 the Angry Samoans set foot onto the world’s second most famous stage one last time. Even though un:ART:ig also documented a huge ToddP show in Brooklyn earlier that night, we managed to rush over to Manhattan’s East Village just in time to catch this classics filled performance. Recorded from CBGB’s prime shooting spot, the so called ‘crow nest’, we hope you’ll enjoy the concentrated highlights presented in the little piece below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Right Side of my Mind
Gimme Sopor
Gas Chamber
Hot Cars
Not of this Earth
You Stupid Asshole
Inside my Brain
They saved Hitler’s Cock
Get off the Air

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