CBGB Nostalgia Vol. 5 | Avail

Posted in Shorts by unartignyc on 2009/08/31

As part our continuing series of shows from CBGB’s we offer you a selection of songs from Avail’s opening set for the Bad Brains on October 09, 2006.  Ever since I discovered them in the early 90s via a Bad Trip 12″ ‘Thank You’ list, this Richmond, VA outfit has held a special place in my heart. Yes, the good old pre-internet, pre-Myspace times, when the discovery of a new kick ass band actually felt like holding a little treasure in my hands. A small feeling of success and victory that got totally lost in an oversaturated  myspace age. Anyway, having discovered Avail the way I did back in the day, it almost gave me the chills listening to Tim Barry on stage at CBGB’s, talking about how Fred from the band Bad Trip always took care of them, going back as far as 1989. Fred not only took care of these Richmond boys when they came to town, he also provided a few thoughts and memories for this edition of Un:art:ig’s run of CBs nostalgia. Enjoy!

[Fred Muench | Bad Trip]
A mutual acquaintance had introduced me to Tim and Joe probably in about 1988 or 1989. When I first heard their demo “reaching out” I thought to myself—these guys definitely have something special and I started following them. That CBs show was pretty funny– they were really excited but Mondays at CBs was audition night and the average age of the people there excluding me, a friend and the band was 50 (and drunk). One thing about them was that they were definitely in good spirits the whole time though. It was when Tim came off the drums and started singing that it all came together. Whoa… they were able to merge emo (real DC emo- not today emo), anthem OI, southern rock and hardcore like nobody was able to do. Their live shows were insane. Among the bands that began in the late 80s, Avail and Snuff are the primary two that still have a regular spot in my rotation. It’s just good and it will stay good.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

South Bound 95
Black and Red
West Wye
Simple Song

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