Nirvana – Hamburg 1991 (Audio)

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Hamburg, Markthalle 11 November 1991
Setlist ¬†~ Aneurysm > Drain You > School > Floyd the Barber > Smells Like Teen Spirit > About a Girl > Polly > Breed > Sliver > Lithium > Love Buzz > Come as You Are > Been a Son > Negative Creep > On a Plain > Blew > Pennyroyal Tea > Spank Thru > Molly’s Lips > Territorial Pissings

Recorded with an Aiwa walkman and some clip on mic. Too much time has past to remember the exact make and model. I’d ¬†forgotten altogether that I even recorded this show until I recently excavated it by pure chance. Ripped from a first generation tape as the original master cassette no longer exists. There are at least 2 other (superior) recordings of the Hamburg show floating around. However, to the best of my knowledge I never circulated this one before.

Nirvana at Markthalle in Hamburg in 1991


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