Nirvana – Hamburg 1991 (Audio)

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Hamburg, Markthalle 11 November 1991
Setlist  ~ Aneurysm > Drain You > School > Floyd the Barber > Smells Like Teen Spirit > About a Girl > Polly > Breed > Sliver > Lithium > Love Buzz > Come as You Are > Been a Son > Negative Creep > On a Plain > Blew > Pennyroyal Tea > Spank Thru > Molly’s Lips > Territorial Pissings

Recorded with an Aiwa walkman and some clip on mic. Too much time has past to remember the exact make and model. I’d  forgotten altogether that I even recorded this show until I recently excavated it by pure chance. Ripped from a first generation tape as the original master cassette no longer exists. There are at least 2 other (superior) recordings of the Hamburg show floating around. However, to the best of my knowledge I never circulated this one before.

Nirvana at Markthalle in Hamburg in 1991

Ticket Stub
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  1. Felipe Avila said, on 2015/01/02 at 04:26

    Thank you for sharing your tape!!

  2. Eric R. said, on 2014/11/07 at 08:58

    Thanks a lot !!

  3. Dines Brøndel said, on 2014/10/12 at 14:27

    This is a great show – sharing it in a lossless format would be fantastic!

  4. Nicolas Ferry said, on 2014/10/05 at 16:11

    Your recording (and your sharing) is very usefull and deserve a good transfer even if there are better sources. Thanks a lot !

  5. Riccardo Cogliati said, on 2014/10/05 at 14:19

    Thank you. Every “new” Nirvana live recording surfaced after so many years is really appreciate. I wish there are so many people like you,who has no problem to share a recording for our enjoyment! Please,consider Rob Landis advice: a proper transfer with the right equipment could really change the quality of a recording,particularry for audiophiles ears. Keep the faith alive!!

  6. Vincent Lainé said, on 2014/10/05 at 09:24

    Thank you very much !

  7. Jon said, on 2014/10/04 at 15:33

    Nice recording!

  8. Glenn said, on 2014/10/04 at 12:51

    Thank you very much for this source 🙂
    Can’t get enough sources…and this one was also a joy to listen to 🙂

  9. Jarrod Lawrence said, on 2014/10/04 at 11:54

    Thanks very much for posting this and for recording it all of those years ago!

  10. kurddt said, on 2014/10/04 at 11:12

    Thank you

  11. Rob Landis said, on 2014/10/03 at 07:24

    thank you very much for posting this. i work with a live nirvana archive and do tape transfers on hi-end equipment for the archive. is there any chance we could borrow the cassette for transfer? it runs a little fast, which could be corrected upon transfer. i can provide plenty of references. we try to preserve every source (even if there are superior-sounding recordings of the same show) in the highest possible quality. an opportunity to transfer this, or even just a copy in lossless format would be greatly appreciated. you can reach me at roblandisnow at gmail dot com. thanks again!

    • Jarrod Lawrence said, on 2014/10/04 at 11:55

      I second this! It would be great to add this source to the LN archive and LNers would be grateful for it!

      • Felipe Avila said, on 2014/10/04 at 23:56

        Thank you for recording this show!! It would be greatly appreciated if you could loan your tape to Rob Ladis so that he could do a transfer. Although there are superior sources available it is still of historical importance.

    • unartignyc said, on 2014/10/23 at 16:26

      That Nirvana Archive you are talking about is similar to the NIN drive that preserves all known sources at the highest quality AND is available for free to any interested party? Or is this more of a private archive kind of thing?

      • Rob Landis said, on 2014/10/24 at 10:28

        yes, our archive preserves all sources in the highest possible quality, and each source is available to any interested party for free download, almost exactly like the NIN drive you are referring to (i’ve loaned all my NIN masters to that drive for transfer). the main difference between the NIN archive and ours is that the tapers (and those who provide tapes) remain anonymous by default- however, those who wish to be credited are credited however they would like to be (initials, first name plus last initial, etc). this is simply because we are fortunate enough to have a significant amount of sensitive material (studio, soundboards, etc) from parties (presumably) close to the band, who would obviously prefer to have their identities protected. if you would kindly allow us to add your tape, we will be more than happy to credit you and link to your site, or not – it’s entirely up to you. thanks again.

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