Neurosis – Retrospective

Posted in Spotlight by unartignyc on 2009/09/23

A few weeks ago I was shooting the shit at a show with Ty from Team Robespierre. At one point of our conversation he ‘confronted’ me with this one particular question that I have always struggled with. “What’s your favorite band?” It had been a while since someone asked me this and I came to realize that after all these years I still don’t have an ad hoc answer, even though Joy Division is always on the tip of my tongue. In a way music doesn’t work for me like that. Individual releases or bands usually represent a certain time in my life rather than having this overall greatness that outshines anything that’s currently in rotation. It’s almost like a photo album, a very nostalgic affair. Every once in a while you pull it off the shelf to let it take you back in time. Listening to Ministry’s “Thieves” for example immediately brings back memories of a beloved club called Farmer’s Inn, a place where I wasted a good portion of my youth. Does this make Ministry my favorite band? No it doesn’t, because music can’t be ranked by such standards or criteria, at least not by me. Working on the Neurosis retrospective didn’t quite change this outlook but it made me realize that I might want to add another band to the pool of names to bust out whenever the ‘favorite band’ subject gets brought up. It’s not like I had forgotten about their ability to take over ones body and mind with heavy waves of sonic bliss. It’s more like the nostalgia filled infusion caused by editing several hours of Neurosis footage brought back something to the forefront of my mind that I had known for a long time: Neurosis is indeed one the great bands out there, easily on the same level with those that I consider to be the greatest.
Below is previously unreleased video footage shot by me between 1994 and 2008, as well as writings by Kevin Egan (Beyond,  1.6 Band, Twenty Four Thousand Dollars) and Stone of Trust Zine.

Vodpod videos no longer available.