Hot Water Music – Retrospective Vol. 4

Posted in Spotlight by unartignyc on 2009/10/07

The fourth and final edition of our Hot Water Music retrospective concentrates on the European tour in 2001 with Leatherface and on the reunion shows in 2008. It features blurbs by Scott Stimac of Wallside, Andrew Lainey of Leatherface and David Lee Burdon of Leatherface/Former Cell Mates.

You will probably notice that some of the 2001 footage is of sub par quality. Halfway through the Wiesbaden set I wrecked my Sony VX1. Fumbling around onstage with the camera like an idiot, the monopod to which it was attached came apart and sent the camera flying into Wollard’s guitar. Unfortunately, I was way too wasted to realize what was going on. Seconds later camera parts were being handed to me, and it just wouldn’t stop. It felt like a Twilight Zone. “Hey, here’s your view finder, oh and the lens.” Well, to cut a long story short, HWM in Wiesbaden was the last show I ever shot on the VX1. The remainder of the tour had to be captured with prehistoric equipment, namely an old Canon UC1 Hi8 with terrible audio. Another episode to be added to an out of control tour…

Looking back, 2001 was a major juncture in my life, and wrecking the VX1 had little to do with it. Being on the road throughout the summer and experiencing every imaginable rock and roll cliché to an extent most would file under “heavy adult content”, culminated in a distinct feeling of something having peaked. Think ‘mountain top’ and where to go from there. Even though this was more of a subconscious affair, somehow I knew that from here on forward everything would feel like a rerun of your favorite TV show, like a great movie being aired over and over again during Christmas. As incredible and as mind blowing of a ride as it was, I couldn’t do it any longer. Communicating this state of ‘turmoil’ properly to friends and acquaintances alike was a challenge I have probably failed miserably. And I have little doubt that it left a few stains on friendships, maybe even some beyond repair. One thing though should always be understood. No matter how much I personally might value a certain record over another or how much I am willing to throw myself into this exhausting beast called “being on the road”, I will always feel nothing but love for the four individuals that are Hot Water Music.
Torsten | (((unartig))) – October 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.