Jen Shyu

Posted in Spotlight by unartignyc on 2010/01/18

Peoria, Illinois born Jen Shyu is one of the most fascinating new artists currently emerging from New York City’s experimental and avant-garde world. Or to quote Val Jeanty of Val-Inc “Jen’s work is amazing and inspiring.” What strikes me most about Jen Shyu is her stage presence and the aura she manages to create with a mere motion, with a facial expression. Even though placed in a completely different corner of the creative spectrum, it is a gift very similar to that of Genesis P-Orridge. Who, much like Jen, just by the look in her eyes manages to create greater artistic depth than other artists do with their full back catalog. No matter whether Jen appears under her own name or as part of groups like Bobby Previte’s Amniotic, her performances are nothing short of  impeccable. Below is a selection of  live impressions,  presenting Jen Shyu on her A-game. With words by Steve Coleman/Five Elements, Patricia Magalhães/Poet & Writer, Jan VanAssen, Dale Fitzgerald/Founder & Executive Director Emeritus Jazz Gallery, Rio Sakairi/Artistic Director Jazz Gallery and Bobby Previte/New Bump Quartet.

[Patricia Magalhães | Poet]
Jen Shyu is an urban-tribeswoman. She is curiosity and dance, poetry and sense, and our collaboration is one of symbols and souls. Her compositions are an ineffable poetry, sonic art pieces with original handmade colors — they are a bouquet of wild flowers picked at dawn. Always eager to learn and discover new paths, Jen is somewhat the Bela Bartok of this time; from all sources she seeks, from all springs she drinks, and to us all she delivers the voice of beauty, tradition and modernity. She is symbiosis and semiotics, and an artist in its purest sense.
Patricia Magalhães | Brazil, January 2010

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