Death Grips – Villain 2012 [uncut#2]

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Brooklyn, Villain 19 October 2012
Set List: Come up and get me > Lil boy >Get got > Takyon > Guillotine > No love > The Fever > Black Dice > Spread eagle cross the block > Deep web > Lock your doors

Admittedly, before having seen Death Grips on this very day in October I was a passionate hater. I had seen Public Enemy, Consolidated and Crash Worship in their heyday and lived through the great ‘Brooklyn Warehouse Explosion’ decade. That is, after having had a solid punk and hardcore socialization. So how could I possibly embrace an outfit like Death Grips?! I’ll let Josh Strawn (Vaura/Azar Swan) do the explaining:

~Death Grips is punishing.  In the beginning there was just the music, a brutal arthouse collaboration fusing familiar styles into something unfamiliar.  Then came the hype, the hate, and the speculation about the bands intentions and authenticity.  But Death Grips is just still punishing.  In classic form, the music and the band outshine the hate and the hype, and bring constant evolutions to the table.  What’s clear is that whether you like them or don’t, they don’t care.  They “got some shit to say just for the fuck of it,” which is pretty much the manifesto of everything that’s ever been great in music.~

Tools: Sony HVR-Z5U, Sennheiser MKH418S – M/S Stereo Shotgun Microphone

Come up and get me