Agalloch – Le Poisson Rouge 2011 [uncut#3]

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New York City, (le) Poisson Rouge 22 March 2011
Set List: Into the painted grey > Falling Snow > The Watcher’s Monolith > Of Stone, Wind and Pillar > Limbs > Ghosts of the Midwinter Fires > Our Fortress is burning… II: Bloodbirds > Dead Winter Days> In the Shadow of our Pale Companion

~Across five albums, multiple EPs and and a career praised from its very inception, Agalloch have maintained their own brand of distinct dark metal. Whether manifested as sorrow (Pale Folklore), a windswept Pacific Northwestern journey (The Mantle) or philosophical exchange with Lucifer himself (Faustian Echoes), the Portland, Oregon quartet have melded a slew of musical, environmental and cinematic influences together into a well-honed, multifaceted feel as much as they have a tremendous body of work.~ (Asa E – Seattle, WA – January 2012)

NPR had the show recorded with “Pro Tools” by the club’s sound engineers. You can listen to the whole thing here.

Tools: Sony HVR-Z5U

Into the painted grey