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Unartig is a triumvirate of A/V documentarians that has been committed to capturing various aspects of underground culture since the 80’s. Once a New York City based endeavor, we are now operating out of:

  • Paris (Hq)
  • Minneapolis, MN (Samuel Claeys)
  • Asheville, NC (Tyler Buesching)

Unartig is a regular contributor to various major online outlets. Everything we do can be streamed here for free. However, if you are interested in setting up screenings or exhibitions please get in touch.  Our work has been shown in London, Paris, New York City, Iceland, Australia, China, South East Asia and in places as far flung as Nepal.


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40 Responses

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  1. paci said, on 2022/07/11 at 07:55

    Hej, vielen lieben Dank für das Vid von Notwist. Ich würde dir dafür gerne ganz ganz viel Geld schicken, nur hier gibt es ja noch nicht einmal ein Impressum 😀

  2. Dominic Hocutt said, on 2020/03/04 at 19:49

    Hello my name is dominic hocutt i am interested in your Avail shows Thank you so much

  3. Arek said, on 2020/02/13 at 07:47

    Hello, I have a question about recording the 1987 Nitzer Ebb concert in Hannover. I would like to ask for permission to include it in the you tube channel where the Nitzer Ebb archive from 1987-1995 is being built. The channel is not used to make money. Arek

    • unartignyc said, on 2020/02/13 at 12:43

      Thanks for the offer but there is no need to add it to another channel.

  4. Nick said, on 2017/12/07 at 22:00

    Hello! I was at the Lust For Youth show at Market Hotel on 4/24/16. I always loved watching back the full concert on YouTube, but it seems that the video has been deleted.

    Is there any way I could find the video? Or can the video be found somewhere else?

    Let me know!


  5. Lukas said, on 2017/09/12 at 16:17

    hey i was wondering; can you maybe reupload iceage shows? im interested in 2015 Acheron one mainly, i had it on my old computer but i lost all the data…i would really appreciate it, this recording has significant meaning to me

  6. jd said, on 2017/03/03 at 04:14

    Hello, do complete versions of the Gwar and Danzig shows from ’94 exist? If so, is it possible to get them via trade, etc.?

  7. rolf said, on 2016/11/11 at 21:49

    you interested in audio-only recordings?

    • unartignyc said, on 2017/02/16 at 10:44

      maybe. depends on what you have in mind.

  8. Chris said, on 2016/10/06 at 03:33

    Hello, I’m curious if you have the whole show from Type O Negative – Dynamo 1995?? please let me know at the_edge666@hotmail.com Thanks & Cheers

  9. Andre said, on 2016/04/15 at 19:36

    This is great! A Video of ignite in Bonn Rheinkultur – 20 years ago. There are only a few Videos of the rheinkulture Festival of the 90ths. Thanks for your great work.


  10. Ira Cord said, on 2015/10/29 at 21:09

    Hi! Great Alan Howarth vid from Halloween 2013 in NYC!!! Thanks…
    who is the woman playing keyboards with Alan Howarth in New York City on Halloween 2013?

  11. Maciej said, on 2015/02/19 at 05:03

    Canned Heat – Hamburg 1987
    1-On the road again 9.00
    2-I Ain’t Got You 13.00
    4-Rollin’& Tumblin’ 17.30
    5-Amphetamine Annie 22.35
    6-Henry’s Texas Shuffle 27.45
    7-Going up the country 33.00
    8-Sweet home Chicago 36.20

  12. Rho said, on 2015/02/16 at 00:55

    ..You guys do excellent work.., as someone else pointed out, “you are needed..” I’ve really been enjoying the material you have been releasing from the ’80’s lately.., Thats just soo cool.., Soo, THANK YOU for your hard work and obvious dedication to what you do.., Keep at it, you guys do important work..!!
    ~Peace, Rho

  13. Bertel said, on 2015/02/10 at 11:42

    your video of hot water music playing where we belong in immerhausen in 1998 is by far the video that best captures early hwm live. i think i have watched it over 200 times alone. there were more videos from this show and they were all absolutely fantastic, but unfortunately they seem to be missing now, i can only find one! what happened to these, and will they surface again? my favourite videos on the internet!

  14. killjoyjohn said, on 2015/01/21 at 13:08

    The video from quicksand at st vitus on NYE… what happened?

    • unartignyc said, on 2015/01/21 at 15:50

      The band disapproves of our way of doing things. We have to accept that.

  15. Ed Crane said, on 2014/10/24 at 23:25

    I just saw your steaming of Secret Chiefs 3 at St. Vitus. Tremendous! Simply tremendous! It was the first time I saw Secret Chiefs 3 and was blown away! And just got blown away by you guys! The underground scene needs you guys! We need you guys! Is their a way to donate to help out? When will you post that show on your website? I saw it on youtube. Thanks and take care!

  16. Nick said, on 2014/10/05 at 11:56

    WTF? Where is Sonic Youth video in Battary Park? Silver Rocket. You have the greatest video of Sonics and don’t publish that.

    • unartignyc said, on 2014/10/09 at 18:12

      We deleted Beggars Banquet’s entire catalog due to… lets call it philosophical differences with the label. Matador being a sub-label of BB, their material is similarly impacted. Sorry to disappoint. As you can imagine, we weren’t exactly the driving force here…

  17. Chicsal said, on 2014/02/04 at 11:18

    Vielen Dank für die wunderbaren Erinnerungen an die Konzerte, auf denen ich auch gewesen bin, oder die ich leider verpaßt habe. Großartige Bands, großartige Konzerte, grandiose Filme! Danke!!

  18. Hello, really love the work here. Came across it via Freewilliamsburg, I was wondering are you accepting contributions from other writers at the moment and if so how would I get in touch about sending some pieces?

  19. xRaphex said, on 2012/05/23 at 15:13

    i just wanted to ask, if you’ve got more of these old school footages of ignite? because I’m a huge Ignite fan and I would really like to know what songs they played at that time and how the hole show was. could someone send me some hole shows via e-mail if that’s possible?

    thank you very much in advance…

    regards Raphe

    PS: really great site, and a lot of really great videos, it’s always fun to watch…thank you…

    • unartignyc said, on 2012/05/29 at 16:32

      Joe Foster has tons and tons of tapes. If you are looking for footage, he’d be the man to go to.

      • xRaphex said, on 2012/05/31 at 18:48

        thank you very much. do you know how I can get in touch? unfortunately I couldn’t find any e-mail adress or something similar…

        regards Raphe

  20. cory said, on 2012/03/23 at 01:15

    Hey, somehow ran across this, the video you have posted under “snaked” at abc bo rio in 05 was actually a ramones covrrband me andy friends did for joey ramone day. we were called the shitty ramones. forgive the typing, writing this on a phone.

    • unartignyc said, on 2012/03/23 at 08:19

      oops, sorry for that. took the info from the show flyer. anyhow, fixed it in the text description. thx for pointing this out.

  21. Agelos said, on 2011/09/16 at 14:00

    Hello, guys you are making amazing recordings, I really enjoyed the clips from OFF! show. I was wondering if there any chance to have a copy of that show in DVD. Thanks in advance and keep on the good work.


  22. sven said, on 2011/07/26 at 13:14

    Grüsse aus der alten heimat ,

    der Muck

  23. George said, on 2010/11/11 at 23:03

    Thanks for the great footage. I’m wondering what gear you use to get the audio, and shit what kind of camera is it?

    • unartignyc said, on 2011/01/24 at 11:07

      1992 – 1995 Canon UC1
      1995 – 2004 Sony VX1
      2005 – 2008 Sony HDR-HC1 /wSony ECMHST1
      2008 – 2009 Sony A1U w/Sony ECMHST1
      2010 – 2013 Sony Z5U w/Sennheiser MKH418S
      2014 – xxxx Canon EOS C100 w/Sennheiser MKH418S

  24. Pat said, on 2010/09/01 at 00:18

    Hi there –

    I’ve viewed the footage of the Universal Order of Armageddon show in Brooklyn numerous times and was wondering if you will be releasing the rest of the show! Was it recorded? Will you be posting online, selling, or anything at all? Please let me know…I never got to see these guys live and these videos are the closest I can get, unless they play more reunion shows!


    • unartignyc said, on 2010/09/01 at 13:44

      Hi Pat,

      The last song is the only one that turned out alright, sorry.


  25. Rubi said, on 2010/05/08 at 22:45

    Hey there!!
    I’m looking for the videographer for RED@ House of Yes
    Valentine’s Day 2010. I did the Lyra aerial piece with Stephanie Hope. I would like a copy of the video.
    Please LMK what I need to do….
    thanks a million

    • unartignyc said, on 2010/09/30 at 14:47

      sorry for the late reply. I somehow missed this. If still in need of a copy, please shoot me an e-mail. A contact link is in the text above.

  26. Daniel said, on 2010/02/26 at 07:59

    Suuuuper! I ❤ BUT ALIVE!

  27. felipe said, on 2009/10/16 at 09:22

    hey, im from brazil, i just found out today about your website and im amazed at the hot water video collection you have. i love the band and just have to say thank you so much for doing what you do

  28. Justin Benson said, on 2009/10/11 at 13:26

    Hey i checked out your article on Neurosis and the videos you captured are great. It has the band and their visuals perfectly to see the experience so much better. I was wondering if you can allow me to upload the videos on youtube. I will make sure you are credited with it and put your website link on it, or if you have any other ideas that’s fine too.

  29. billw said, on 2009/07/24 at 01:14

    Hello! Love your footage of the Lee Perry show the other day. I was there too – historic! I’ve watched it now about a dozen times. Please, could you do another one? A number of the other tracks are at least equally as good.



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