His Hero Is Gone – Bremen 1998 [uncut#119]

Posted in Unartig uncut by unartignyc on 2013/09/12

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 8.27.52 AM

Bremen, Grünenstrasse 13 April 1998
Setlist (courtesy of Sam Kelley) ~ Professional Mindfuckers > Headcount > Anthem Of The Undesirables > The Garden > Friendly Fire > Headless/Heartless > Sin & Vice > Paranoia Secured > Carry On > Fool’s Gold > Internally Bleeding > Like Weeds > And We Burn… > Chain Of Command

Geek Specs
A/V ~ Sony CCD-VX1 > Sony EV-S5000 Hi8 Hi-Fi VCR > Apple ProRes 422 (HQ), 640×480 MOV 44kHz > Final Cut Pro X > Compressor > H.264, 24fps, 5000kbps, AAC, 44kHz, 320kbps

His Hero Is Gone in Bremen

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