Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 2.01.15 PMSteve Hagar is an OG documentarian, having been active since the early 90’s. He has been based in Alaska for many moon. Unartig is thrilled to presented his selected video works.

Jane’s Addiction 2015/07/24 Fairbanks, AK, The Blue Loon
Prophets of Rage 2016/10/04 Alpharetta, GA, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
Public Enemy 2013/05/05 Memphis, TN, Beale Street Music Festival
Tone Loc 2013/04/20 Fairbanks, AK, The Blue Loon

Monokell Productions was a 80’s video zine based out of Northern Germany and primarily the documentarian efforts of Oliver Müller, Karsten Schulze & Thomas Schulze. Their scope of coverage included a wide range of artistic styles. Avant Rock, Free Jazz, Punk, Hardcore, Industrial, Psych, Indie Rock, Reggae, Americana and so much more. Unartig is proud to exclusively present Monokell’s complete treasure chest. All recordings are posted in their entirety unless artist and/or publishing company policies prevent it.

Abstürzende Brieftauben 1988/08/20 Hannover, UJZ Glocksee
Alien Sex Fiend 1987/11/03 Braunschweig, FBZ
All 1989/11/07 Hamburg, Fabrik
And Also The Trees 1988/04/20 Hannover, Musiktheater Bad
Artless 1987/05/24 Wolfsburg, JZ
Bad Brains 1987/05/23 Braunschweig, FBZ
Don Bajema 1990/04/13 Bremen, Weserschlösschen
Banished Reality 1995/01/28 Celle, Magnushütte
Bastro 1989/06/21 Hannover, Musiktheater Bad
Big Black 1987/07/20 Bremen, Schlachthof
Big Stick 1988/05/14 Eindhoven, Effenaar
Iva Bittová & Pavel Fajt 1987/06/17 Hannover, Kultur-& Kommunikationszentrum Pavillon
The Blech 1987/06/17 Hannover, Kultur-& Kommunikationszentrum Pavillon
Blind Idiot God 1989/04/06 Hannover, Kultur-& Kommunikationszentrum Pavillon
Butthole Surfers 1987/08/14 Bremen, Schlachthof
Carbon 1987/06/17 Hannover, Kultur-& Kommunikationszentrum Pavillon
Caspar Brötzmann 1990/04/13 Bremen, Weserschlösschen
Canned Heat 1987/09/26 Hamburg, Markthalle
Chris & Cosey 1988/02/14 Hamburg, Markthalle
Chrome 1987/12/15 Bremen, Schlachthof
Church of Insanity 1987/05/27 Wolfsburg, JZ
Crawlin Kingsnakes 1987/07/24 Bremen
Culture Shock 1988/04/27 Hannover, Sturmglocke
Culture Shock 1988/04/29 Wolfsburg, JZ
Daisy Anarchy 1987/11/05 Bielefeld, AJZ
Daisy Anarchy 1987/11/26 Hannover, Bad
Daisy Anarchy 1987/11/28 Wolfsburg, JZ
Daisy Anarchy 1987/12/01 Bielefeld, AJZ
Der Plan 1987/09/25 Braunschweig, Freizeit- und Bildungszentrum Bürgerpark
Diamanda Galás 1988/11/20 Hannover, Kultur-& Kommunikationszentrum Pavillon
Disaster Area 1988/06/02 Unknown location
Double Nelson 1996/10/16 Celle, Buntes Haus
D.O.S. 1987/05/24 Wolfsburg, JZ
The Feelies 1988/07/04 Hannover, Musiktheater Bad
Fraktales 1992/03/11 Celle, Jukc
Gore 1987/09/01 Bremen, Schlachthof Kesselhalle
H.R. 1989/02/01 Hamburg, Fabrik
H.R. 1990/05/02 Hannover, Musiktheater Bad
Happy Flowers 1989/06/21 Hannover, Musiktheater Bad
Häuptling Zutzelmocke 1987/05/24 Wolfsburg, JZ
Inzest 1987/11/28 Wolfsburg, JZ
Kahondo Style 1987/11/25 Hannover, Kultur-& Kommunikationszentrum Pavillon
Kastrierte Philosophen 1987/09/30 Braunschweig, Freizeit- und Bildungszentrum Bürgerpark
Kilgore 1995/01/28 Celle, Magnushütte
Kilgore 1996/07/28 Celle, Celler Loch
Kilgore 1999/06/15 Celle, Triftpark
The Kybernetix’s 1987/11/05 Bielefeld, AJZ
Last Exit 1988/02/19 Bochum, Zeche
Lee Scratch Perry 1990/05/05 Bremen, Modernes
Lots of Sots 1987/05/27 Wolfsburg, JZ
Lul 1988/07/08 Hannover, Musiktheater Bad
Lydia Lunch (Spoken Word) 1990/04/13 Bremen, Weserschlösschen
Maat 1996/10/16 Celle, Buntes Haus
MDC 1987/11/05 Bielefeld, AJZ
MDC 1987/11/26 Hannover, Musiktheater Bad
MDC 1987/11/28 Wolfsburg, JZ
MDC 1987/12/01 Bielefeld, AJZ
Militant Mothers 1989/02/02 Hannover, Musiktheater Bad
My Dad Is Dead 1989/06/21 Hannover, Musiktheater Bad
Negazione 1987/05/27 Wolfsburg, JZ
Nitzer Ebb 1987/10/10 Hannover, Musiktheater Bad
Nomeansno 1988/06/06 Hamburg, Störtebeker
Nomeansno 1988/06/13 Bielefeld, AJZ
Oh’Dev 1988/07/08 Hannover, Musiktheater Bad
Orchestra Marrabenta Star De Moçambique 1987/xx/xx Hannover, Pavillon
Pere Ubu 1988/04/08 Hamburg, Grose Freiheit 36
Pere Ubu 1988/04/10 Hannover, Musiktheater Bad
Prong 1989/02/02 Hannover, Musiktheater Bad
Pussy Galore 1988/01/27 Hannover, Musiktheater Bad
Rollins Band 1987/09/01 Bremen, Schlachthof
Rollins Band 1988/10/07 Hannover, Musiktheater Bad
Henry Rollins (Spoken Word) 1989/03/12 Hannover, Kultur-& Kommunikationszentrum Pavillon
Henry Rollins (Spoken Word) 1990/04/13 Bremen, Weserschlösschen
Ronald Shannon Jackson and the Decoding Society 1988/05/15 Eindhoven, Effenaar
Set Fatale 1987/06/03 Hamburg, Logo
Spaceman 3 1988/01/13 Hannover, Musiktheater Bad
SPK 1987/06/02 Hannover, Musiktheater Bad
Springfoot Jack 1995/09/29 Celle, Celler Loch
Springfoot Jack 1996/04/10 Celle, Buntes Haus
Springfoot Jack 1996/04/17 Celle, Celler Loch
Sprung aus den Wolken 1988/11/20 Hannover, Kultur-& Kommunikationszentrum Pavillon
State of War 1988/05/14 Eindhoven, Effenaar
Taj Mahal 1987/06/13 Langenhagen, Stadtfest
Tha-Norr 1999/06/15 Celle, Triftpark
Tilt Hicks 1993/06/26 Ohe, OHAG Goes GoGo
Universal Congress Of 1989/11/01 Hildesheim, 4 Linden
Vágtázó Halottkémek 1988/07/08 Hannover, Musiktheater Bad
Voodoo Child 1988/01/29 Wennigsen, Zombie
World Domination Enterprises 1987/06/03 Hamburg, Logo
World Domination Enterprises 1988/05/31 Hamburg, Kir
Zoogz Rift 1988/05/08 Hamburg, Logo
Zoogz Rift 1988/05/14 Eindhoven, Effenaar


Stonecutter is the moniker of Rich B and his friends Martin, Ben and Ken. They actively collected and taped shows from the 70’s to the early 00’s. Despite their main focus on audio recording, they occasionally rented video cameras to venture out into the field of motion picture. Unartig is excited to exclusively present these efforts in their entirety for the very first time.

Echo and the Bunnymen 1987/08/25 New York City Pier 84
New Order 1987/08/25 New York City Pier 84
U2 1983/05/11 New York City Palladium
Yo La Tengo 1990/09/21 New York City Knitting Factory

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  1. Borja said, on 2018/07/28 at 07:55

    how to be contributor for the future? I did this


  2. Kirill Maslov said, on 2017/07/28 at 10:05

    Hello!! At first I wanna say THANK YOU for all that stuff, that you share. Amazing shows, really legacy for next generations. May I ask you to share lossless version of Spacemen 3 gig @ Hannover? It’s real jewel! Spacemen 3 gigs were filmed only 2 times. Your tape is only 3rd video of that amazing band. It will be absolutely amazing, If you’ll share that tape with fans of sp3. Maybe via dime or private link. Thank you again. I really in love with all that tapes.

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