Gorilla Biscuits – CBGB’s 2006 [uncut#141]

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New York City, CBGB’s 03 September 2006
Set List ~ New Direction > Stand Still > Better Than You > Time Flies > Big Mouth > First Failure > Sittin’ Round At Home > Two Sides > Forgotten > Things We Say > Breaking Free > Slut > At The Matinee > Competition > Hold Your Ground > Dance Floor Justice > High Hopes > Do Something > Good Intentions > Degradation > No Reason Why > Biscuit Power > Cats And Dogs > Should I Stay Or Should I Go > Finish What You Started > As One > Start Today

Geek Specs
A/V ~ Sony HDR-HC1 with Sony ECMHST1 Stereo Shotgun Microphone > 1080i/60 DV on Sony DVM-60PR > Sony GV-HD700 > Firewire > Final Cut Pro X > Compressor > H.264, 1280×720, 24fps, 8000kbps, AAC, 44kHz, 320kbps

New Direction


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The Abused – A7 Reunion 2008 [uncut#116]

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Brooklyn, Bell House 26 February 2010
Setlist ~ Wargames > Senseless > Nuclear Threat > Rule On You > No End In Sight > Watch Out > BYBO > Police Reign > Just Another Fool > Loud And Clear > Friend Or Foe > Drug Free Youth

Geek Specs
A/V ~ Sony HVR-A1U with Sony ECMHST1 Stereo Shotgun Microphone > 1080i/60 DV on Sony DVM-60PR > Sony GV-HD700 > Firewire > Final Cut Pro X > Compressor > H.264, 1280×720, 24fps, 8000kbps, AAC, 44kHz, 320kbps



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Leeway – CBGB’s 2006 [uncut#72]

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New York City, CBGB’s 18 June 2006 Set List ~ Enforcer > Marathon > On The Outside > Stand For > Ball Hugger > Catholic High School (Girls In Trouble) > All About Dope > The Simple Life? > Compromise > Hornet’s Nest > Foot The Bill > Kingpin > Rise And Fall > Mark Of The Squealer

Geek Specs A/V ~ Sony HDR-HC1 with Sony ECMHST1 Stereo Shotgun Microphone > 1080i/60 DV on Sony DVM-60PR > Sony GV-HD700 > Firewire > Final Cut Pro X > Compressor > H.264, 1280×720, 24fps, 8000kbps, AAC, 44kHz, 320kbps


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Underdog – CBGB 2006 [uncut#70]

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New York City, CBGB’s 11 October 2006
Set List ~ A Lot To Learn > Underdog > Blindside > Over The Edge > From Know On > True Blue > Frontside Grind > Mass Movement > Without Fear > Say It To My Face > The Vanishing Point > Back To Back

Geek Specs
A/V ~ Sony HDR-HC1 with Sony ECMHST1 Stereo Shotgun Microphone > 1080i/60 DV on Sony DVM-60PR > Sony GV-HD700 > Firewire > Final Cut Pro X > Compressor > H.264, 1280×720, 24fps, 8000kbps, AAC, 44kHz, 320kbps

A Lot To Learn


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Yuppicide – Retrospective

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‘Do you know what a love letter is? It’s a bullet from a fucking gun. Straight through your heart.’ If said profound lines from Yuppicide’s song “True Love” reflect reality, then our video retrospective, covering the band’s complete lifespan from the late 80’s to the ‘last’ show in the 90’s and the current 2010 reunion, is indeed a raging machine gun operated by Trust Magazine’s Jan Roehlk. Singlehandedly and with a great deal of enthusiasm he conducted and compiled interviews with Don Fury/Producer & Recording Engineer, Pavlos Ioanidis/WreckAge Records and all four members of Yuppicide. A German translation of these interviews appeared in the June/July 2010 issue of Trust Magazine. Additional praise and thanks goes to Alicia Osborne and Rachael Guenther for their highly valued editorial services. This retrospective furthermore would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Yuppicide’s own Jesse Jones, who alongside Patrick Baclet/Out of Vogue provided exclusive liner notes for the videos and also opened up his personal archive from which the retrospective draws most of its footage. Uncharacteristic of what one usually finds on this site, our Yuppicide video anthology features mostly non (((unartig))) recorded material. For those videos for which source info was available credits can be found at the end of the corresponding clips. Furthermore, please keep in mind that this project was started and completed back when a Yuppicide reunion seemed totally out of the question. As a result some of the interview questions are slightly outdated. Nevertheless, we decided not to nick ’em. We hope you’ll enjoy what is the visual account of a band that changed the face of New York Hardcore forever.


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CBGB Nostalgia Vol. 3 | Gorilla Biscuits

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September 03, 2006. Gorilla Biscuits brought the house down at CBGB’s one last time before the “spit covered walls and piss soaked bathrooms”, as Civ put it, closed for good. Below is a 25 minute edit of the show. Please excuse the not so stellar quality. The packed room was a madhouse with kids constantly flying all over the place. There basically wasn’t a single moment during the 70 minute show without someone crashing into me.

New Direction
Stand Still
Big Mouth
First Failure
Sitting Around at Home
Things We Say
Hold Your Ground
Dance Floor Justice w/Porcell
High Hopes
Good Intentions
Cats and Dogs
As One (Warzone)
Start Today

CBGB Nostalgia Vol01 – Angry Samoans
CBGB Nostalgia Vol02 – Blondie
CBGB Nostalgia Vol03 – Gorilla Biscuits
CBGB Nostalgia Vol04 – Patti Smith
CBGB Nostalgia Vol05 – Avail
CBGB Nostalgia Vol06 – Avengers


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2008, a crazy year for live music in New York City. So many memorable shows, so much energy. Fueling this notion as a key player was the mighty Absolution. After 20 years, Gavin and Djinji brought their legendary 80’s hardcore outfit back to the stage. For me these were probably the most highly anticipated shows since Underdog destroyed at CBGB’s back in 2006. Luckily Absolution did the very same at the Knitting Factory. Ripping through their back catalog like it was still 1988, they nothing short of killed it. (((unartig))) is proud to present footage from both the August and December shows as well as an outstanding recollection from Djinji Brown, singer for Absolution. Enjoy!


One Big Crowd – A tribute to the legendary A7 club

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Saturday December 6th, 2008, Complete Control NYC & Guillotine presented One Big Crowd: A tribute to the legendary A7 club @ The Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard Street, NYC. (((unartig))) was there to capture the event for you. Below are clips and full sets of all the bands we caught on camera, plus a recollection by Jeff Terranova of Up Front/Smorgasboard Records fame. Antidote and Urban Waste contributed exclusive blurps. Enjoy!

[Drew Stone – Antidote]
Vary rarely in life can you go back and make something right that for a long time was so very, very wrong. In another words sometimes you can “Reheat the soufflé”. The Antidote set at the A7 reunion show Dec. 6th at the Knitting Factory in NYC was one of those amazing rare times in life.
17 years ago Antidote broke up in a horrible haze of drugs, alcohol and all around bad feelings. The band just bottomed out and it was time to move on. When I finally walked away from the band I was able to get on with my life and among other things become a fairly successful film producer / director. Eventually everyone in the band (with one notable exception) got clean and sober as well.
When we were asked to play the A7 “reunion” show I was somewhat skeptical. Does anyone give a shit about this band at this point? Would there be people there? Was it going to be worth the hassle of pulling it together and rehearsing for the show? These questions and more were swiftly answered as soon as we set foot on the stage of the Knitting Factory that night. Incredibly the place was packed to the rafters with people and the energy was palatable. It was obvious that Antidote was one of the bands that the kids came to see. As soon as we hit the first chords to “Life As One” the place exploded and thru the whole set the level of excitement was ratcheted higher and higher. Kids swarmed the stage going crazy and knew all the lyrics to all the songs including The High & The Mighty songs that we played. It was a very surreal moment and best of all there was an element that the band didn’t have for the last few years of it’s existence……It was a lot of fun.
To be able to get on stage 17 years later and bust it “Antidote style” clean and sober was and will always be a great moment in my life. I am forever grateful to the kids who came out to the show and represented as well as Torsten who had the insight to film the set. Thanks to him this special moment will now live forever thru the magic of the internet for all to see. I must mention the promoter Bryan Swirsky who busted his ass and took way too much abuse but in the end did an incredible job pulling it all together. However the greatest praise is reserved for my band-mates REA, Zum and The Nunz who truly rose to the occasion many years and lifetimes later and fuckin “Crushed it Antidote style”.
Yes my friend sometimes you CAN go back and “Reheat the soufflé”
Be true to yourself.
Drew Stone | Antidote – Vocals | N.Y.C. May 2009



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